Sonalika Tractors Success Story: At 60, she created a company worth billions!

Sonalika Farm vehicles Example of overcoming adversity: You probably read numerous examples of overcoming adversity from the universe of business in which the young people of the new time have made a generally excellent business early in life, yet you should have seldom heard the examples of overcoming adversity of more established individuals. This is … Read more

Poonam Gupta Success Story: Got idea from the garbage heap, built a company worth Rs 800 crore

Poonam Gupta Success Story: We will tell you about a female industrialist who got a business idea from a garbage heap and runs a company worth Rs 800 crore today. The name of the female industrialist we are talking about is Poonam Gupta, and she is a resident of Delhi. Poonam Gupta has completed her studies at Lady … Read more

Upcoming IPO: IPOs of these 28 companies are coming with Tata; read complete details!

Upcoming IPO: Most people investing in the stock market wait for the IPO of forthcoming companies because the IPOs of new companies often give excellent profits to investors. Currently, in the first half of the current financial year FY24, there is a series of IPOs in the Indian stock market because, till now, IPOs of many companies have entered the market. According … Read more